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Magma Inc.

Creiamo e produciamo riviste, libri, immagini, parole, messaggi.

Magma Inc. Design is a communication and graphic design studio founded in 1996 in (Italy).
The studio offers a complete range of services for communication and strategic design including counseling, design of communication, products and services.

The studio is commited to its network of collaborators. interchanging different visual languages and media ensuring to deliver professional creative, innovative and functional work according to client’s needs. Having over 18 years of experience Magma Inc. Design is renouned for delivering some of  the highest quality publishing and artwork design; in books, maps, for National Parks and general touristic information.
Magma Inc. Design also specialise in projects for territorial marketing and tourism promotion.
The studio plans and designs books, magazines, web and digital media, environmental graphic, maps and signage.

 The studio designs the touristic guide Good Morning Tenerife and  implements promotional activities and advertising pages.

*Download the short presentation of Magma Inc. Design.